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Fun Run @ Orlando 2010


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The Felon – Danny Mackey
Devastator – Devin Doss
Newedle – Preston Perez
Wrecking Crew – Robbie Milburn
Iron Outlaw – Daniel Simon
Son-Uva Digger - Haynes Smith
Maximum Destruction - Nick Loynes
Grave Digger The Legend – Trenton Shaw

Racing Round 1:

The Felon (Danny Mackey) def. Newedle (Preston Perez)
Wrecking Crew (Robbie Milburn) def. Devastator (Devin Doss)
Iron Outlaw (Daniel Simon) def. Maximum Destruction (Nick Loynes)
Son-Uva Digger (Haynes Smith) def. Grave Digger The Legend (Trenton Shaw)

Racing Semi-Final:

The Felon (Danny Mackey) def. Wrecking Crew (Robbie Milburn)
Iron Outlaw (Daniel Simon) def. Son-Uva Digger (Haynes Smith)

Racing Final:

The Felon (Danny Mackey) def. Iron Outlaw (Daniel Simon)


Newedle (Preston Perez) – 8+8+8+3=27
Maximum Destruction (Nick Loynes) – 8+8+9+1=26
Grave Digger The Legend (Trenton Shaw) – 7+7+6=20
Wrecking Crew (Robbie Milburn) – 6+6+7=19
Iron Outlaw (Daniel Simon) – 4+4+4=16
Devastator (Devin Doss) – 5+5+4=14
Son-Uva Digger (Haynes Smith) – 5+4+4=13
The Felon (Danny Mackey) – 2+3+4=9


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