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(tracks)SSRS Season 1 Play-Off Tracks


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File Name: SSRS Season 1 Play-Off Tracks

File Submitter: DannyMackey

File Submitted: 19 Feb 2014

File Category: Tracks

All four of the SSRS Play-Off tracks from last year. Been meaning to get this done and released a while ago, but I've been procrastinating. Regardless here it is. This download gives you access to all four tracks with the qualifying version and an optional FPS version to everything. This is a total of 16 possible downloads, but you shouldn't need everything. Hope everyone enjoys and was able to handle the wait.

Danny Mackey: Models, Textures, Paints
Klayton Halog: Textures
Tharindu Don: Textures, Paints
Mark Colineri: Textures
Sim-Monsters: Textures
MTM2: Textures



Click here to download this file

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