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ScrapyardCMD Racing Signature Chassis


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File Name: CMD Racing Signature Chassis

File Submitter: DirtyDawg

File Submitted: 11 Mar 2014

File Category: Truck Building Items

This is the CMD Racing Signature Chassis, and it's development has gone down a rather interesting road. This chassis started out as a pencil and paper drawing I did 2 to 3 years ago, and it's one of the few chassis I've designed that I actually liked the looks of and thought could work as a real life chassis; and after discussing a few things with Kozak, it was brought to life. It was originally gonna be used for my personal custom truck Mr. Beardman, but since that project has gone in a different direction, I figured I'd release it for others to use. All I ask is that credit is given where it's due, and that the NKO and CMD chassis tags ARE NOT removed from the chassis; they were put there for a reason.

Also, please note that a PDN file was included to help with the texturing of the chassis.

Credits are as follows:

Chassis concept and design were done by your's truly.

Construction of the chassis was done by Kozak.

Fine tuning of the model by Crazyman.

Click here to download this file

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