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World Finals 13 fun run today @ 1:00


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So this is my first fun run sorry if its kinda lame i just kinda want to get a feel for fun runs

Sign up in this format:





The fun run only uses the Sim-Monsters V4 pack.

Track link: http://sim-monsters.com/index.php?/files/file/587-world-finals-13/

Trucks are: any truck in sim-monsters v4 pack

Jobs are: AIM call in person, 6 FS judges, 3 officials, youtube or twitch tv broadcaster/announcer, RII caller

(all jobs are allowed to either have a racing or FS run or both, youtube/twitch broadcaster has to have a recording thing and needs to have a speaking device to record)

We are using the KoolKidsofKentucky server 0.37

message me to get the password

AIM chat goes up 12:30

Driver's meeting starts when everybody is here.

Event is at 1:00

my AIM is Bob Jones or danielw@visi.com

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Bob your issue is for one i think a lot of people now i could be wrong but i fell like you were a person not saying who they were since a bob jones (Who i know and talk to) is on here.
Second is that you dont have 6 fs judges you have 3. and your aim i cant find your aim. im assuming you are using a new one. not the one we use. i suggest running in a funrun before you start your own. its not super hard. if you look at the other fun runs youll see how there set up. Not trying to dis you at all just trying to give helpful advice

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