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Perfect RoR Truck Sounds


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I just wanted to know what sounds you guys use. I use a mixture of sounds and have modded the RPM.


Here is mine


    trigger_source        engine
    pitch_source        engine_rpm
    gain_source        engine_rpm
    gain_factor        0.5 0.2
    sound            800            sideidle.wav
    sound            1500            sidelow.wav
    sound            2000            ZoomieHigh.wav
    sound            2860            ZoomieHigh.wav

    trigger_source    starter
    start_sound    unpitched MonsterStart2.wav
    sound        unpitched MonsterStay2.wav
    stop_sound    unpitched MonsterStop2.wav

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Sorry but because my computer is so slow i can't watch youtube so could you please tell me if i replace the normal sound soures or whatever. Thanks :)

Very sorry for the late response, my internet was out for a couple days.


Fist open your .soundscript file; it should be called GraveDigger.soundscript

In it you should find a bunch of numbers and words and crap like that. You want to find where it says GraveDiggerIdle.wav, GraveDiggerLow.wav, GraveDiggerMedium.wav, and GraveDiggerHigh.wav


Change those to the names of the sound files you downloaded.

•Note- make sure the sound files you downloaded are in the packs folder under the main rigs of rods folder.


If you do not wish to do all this work you can download my RaminatorSounds and rename in the .soundscript "Ram" and "RamStarter" to GraveDiggerEngine in place of Ram, and GraveDiggerStarter in place of RamStarter. Make sure to change the name of GraveDiggerEngine and GraveDiggerStarter in the GraveDigger.soundscript or else the new sounds will not work.


I hope this helps and if you need any further help, please don't hesitate to send me and Email or message on Sim-Monsters.


Have a Great day! :D :D :D

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