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Creating a Control Map for Steering Wheels



Hey Guys,

I've seen maps for the Logitech G27 & MOMO steering wheels, and my friend has a Steering Wheel that I want to have work with the rear steer of the monster trucks. I also am looking at a wheel for myself to use, and both wheels don't have a map configured for a monster truck on this site. Can anyone help me out with creating these maps?

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I use a Thrustmaster Ferrari GT Experience, and it's a pretty low-end wheel. I found my map on the Rigs of Rods website. I believe they have maps for both of the wheels you mentioned. The link in the words, "Rigs of Rods," will send you to the Repository, where you can filter your search criteria to better suit your needs. Hope I could help, I had a lot of trouble finding a map for my wheel as well, so I know how you feel.  :D


Edit: I took the time to find the maps myself, so here you go.

Logitech Driving Force GT

Logitech Driving Force Pro

*The Logitech Driving Force Pro download includes both maps...

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