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fun run Qs



Hi, im all new to this online racing thing so i have some qustions :)
1: on my one truck i replaced the stock v4 paint with my own. can i use it?
2: how exactly do you join a game?(step by step please :) )
3: i will not be able to attend all of the events can i just join in some of them over the summer? (with telling everone of corse)


Thank you

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1) Say you have repainted Madusa. We will see the old V4 truck while you do a Backflip in a really cool lime green Madusa.

2) If you want to play RoR witj random people, launch the configurator, and go to the network tab. Click Update, and click on CIFPO. This is the server most of us use to mesd around on. In a league, event coordinators will give you IP Addresses and Port Numbers for their private server. Enter tjose in, and go in game when told to do so in AIM.

3) If you miss a fun run, no big deal. In a league, try to find a fill-in driver for you so you don't loose points. Bottom line is: Join us when you can!

Hope this helps!

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