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World Finals 7 Replica FunRun


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Hello all, it is I, LeWarriorofMJ.

I am going to be running a replica fun run at World Finals 7. I am still deciding on the time. We are NOT using AIM due to the fact that my PC keeps decreasing space on me, and I am trying to install an update.

Since we aren't using Aim, we will be using Skype.

Here is how you will sign up.

Name: Nicholas Miller

Truck: Grave digger #30

Link (if any)

Skype name:

Here is a question for you:

Should I use YouTube capture on my iPhone or should I use Bandicam?


Before I do anything, I'd like to give a HUGE thank you to all of the V4 and V4 update makers. Without you guys, RoR MJ wouldn't be what it is today! :)


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