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World FInals Info (DATE TBA)


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World Finals Info ROR-TN
Basic Info:
The World Finals will be a Custom Huge arena where there will be 5 Differnt Parts on 3 sepereate days (Dates TBA)
Day 1:Practice/Qualifying for MT's
Day 2:Tuff Trucks Racing Bracket/ Monster Trucks Straight Line
Day 3: Monster Truck Obstacle Course/ Monster Truck Freestyle
How to qualify into the Finals!
If anyone from Big Dawgs Season 2 remember this, its basically that format. There will be a flag given out at every main season event to the person who scores the most points in the event that does not already have a flag already. There will be a total of 14 flags given out during the course of the season. Then there will be a qualify in session where an additional 6 trucks can make the field. Then the rest will be on standby if a replacement is needed
You are inelidgeable for a flag for any of these infractions:
2+ Warnings/ Suspension from league
Not running any events during the season (You cannot try to qualify in if you did not compete at all regular season)
If you have made a notice that you wont be there and a replacement driver is found you will not be able to reclaim your spot
More Finals info as soon as it rolls around!
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