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My name is Aaron, and its a pleasure to be finally here! Many years ago back in 2001, i pick up my copy of MTM2 and had a blast with it. unfortunately, my childhood passed me by and i lost my copy. Around 2007, i started searching for a copy on eBay and struck gold, getting to play that old game again, Then i discovered the amazing content from MTM2.com and got hooked on some of the best quality truck of that era, and for a while, i started making my own personal truck. sadly though, around 2012, with overall interest being lost in the MTM2 community, i moved on, as my old projects gathered dust on my desktop and never got released. Then i got my fix in early 2013 when i heard that the virtual monster truck experience was still going strong in the form of rigs of rods, which i had played before on my old tower computer before it fried itself. I watched the development of the ROR monster truck community and it has defiantly come a long ways. I plan on trying to get things rolling again, learn how to create some content and help support the community in anyway i can. I hope to be welcome among your ranks. :)

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