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Chris Hamilton


Ever wanted a track or truck that you wanted, but can't seem to find it on the internet? How about some items for Blender like some truck parts or specific cars, but are too hard to get them out of Blender? Well. I've taken the time to upload all the tracks from the previous RORMJ, Sim-Monsters Season 1, and Sim-Monsters Season 2 seasons. Additionally, all of the hard to find tracks like some Sim-Monsters Special Events are also there! Remember I said Blender? I have uploaded most of my previous truck file blend files that are all separated so that you guys can use them, as well as many objects to create any track you can think of! There's all that and many more items that I've put on this file browser, just don't get lost! ;)


If you have any questions about this file browser, please feel free to message me any time, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. 


How to download- Method 1:Open up the file of your choice. It will open up a new tab or window. Then, hit the File option near the top, and then click download. If you guys are downloading multiple items at once, it will automatically pack all the files you want into a zip file, just be sure to extract all of your items once finished downloading. 

Method 2-Click your file of choice, it will open up. Down in the bottom right corner, is an arrow pointing down to a line, hover over that and it will say download. Click that to download!


I hope you guys find this useful as well as easy to use! Enjoy!!!! :D


Click Me!!!!!!

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