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Calling all track makers: RoR MT Pro needs you!


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Ok guys, I've been meaning to post this thread for a while and finally found time to do it. For those of you out there who makes tracks for our intradesting little community, I'm in need of some help. You see, the second season of RoR MT Pro is coming up in October and we've got an ambitious plan for the league. As of right now, we're going on a world tour and if everything works out, we'll be using leafers. Now that is subject to change simply because we're not sure if we'll have enough leafers released for everybody to use, but we'll get cross that road when we get there; nevertheless, no matter which style of truck we use, we're gonna need tracks.

That's where you track making peoples come into play, and here are the details. I'm gonna post the list of cities that the tour is gonna hit, and if your interested in helping, you can either post below or pm me which tracks you would like to make.


Houston, Texas - Reliant Stadium
Atlanta, Georgia - Georgia Dome
Chicago, Illinois - Soldier Field
Vancouver, British-Columbia, Canada - BC Place
Calgary, Alberta, Canada - 
McMahon Stadium
Anaheim, California - Angel Stadium
Honolulu, Hawaii - Aloha Stadium
Tokyo, Japan - Tokyo Dome
Seoul, South Korea - Seoul Olympic Stadium

Sydney, Australia - ANZ Stadium
Madrid, Spain - Vicente Calderon Stadium
Rome, Italy - Stadio Olimpico

Arnhem, Holland - GelreDome

London, England - Wembley Stadium

First and foremost, you'll notice that there are 4 cities crossed out; Honolulu and Anaheim have been finished and released by Bernier, and both Tokyo and Seoul are being worked on by RKM. Now there are 4 criteria that are necessary for making these tracks in particular, and they are as follows:

1. The tracks must be stadium sized and set in the real life stadium listed.

2. The tracks must use unique layouts and obstacles, things that aren't seen that often in real life monster truck events.

3. The tracks must be friendly to both modern tube chassis and old school leafer trucks, meaning both style of truck should be able to make it around these courses; but that doesn't mean that the courses should be easy.

4. This logo must be used on some of the banners in the stadium.

Also, please include logos from McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Domino's Pizza, and Circle K on the banners as well; they are our "Primary Sponsors" lol.

Also, as a side note, your more than welcome to make freestyle versions of these courses; now while we won't be using the freestyle courses in RoR MTP, other folks may wanna use these courses for more modern day style events.

Please note that both the Calgary and Madrid events could be changed, simply because I'm unsure if the stadiums I picked for those cities are feasible for use with monster trucks. Other than that, everything else is pretty much set in stone; any help we get with these tracks is greatly appreciated.


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