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Baking and Texture Overlay Problem



Okay guys hopefully this is my last help and support topic lol


So I'm done with everything on my track and want to bake and texture the ground. After following a few tutorials on baking and overlaying the dirt i have gotten this as the outcome



Now the jumps are black, so my question to you guys is how would i texture or change that so that they have the dirt texture on them? Thanks in advance! 

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Make the jumps a separate object in blender. Create a new image the same size as the bake for the ground. Bake the jumps. Save the image. Open the image in a paint program. Select the black around the jumps, and delete it. Select all and copy. Add a new layer above the ground bake, and paste the jumps on top. Then merge the layers. The jumps should then be covering the black and it should look like seamless. Then, when you overlay the dirt, the jumps will no longer be solid black. 

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