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V4 CustomDeja Vu III

Double.D ッ

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File Name: Deja Vu III

File Submitter: Double.D

File Submitted: 18 Jun 2014

File Category: V4 Customs

Yeah I like changing things, get over it.

Like I said in the SYP post, I feel that this more represents what I wanted Deja Vu to be, a mixture of retro style and modern parts. This will more than likely be the last Deja Vu truck to be made, unless I get the sudden urge to make another one.

I do reserve the right to run this in any league and/or other various events.


Paint- Myself, with the help of Chadwick Deerfoot

Slight chassis edits- Myself and Christopher Hamilton

Original Chassis, Headers, and Shocks- Nick Kozak

In-cab props- Christopher Hamilton

Body- DiggerFan

Tires and Axles- Matt Wilkinson

Fuel Cell, Rims, and Knuckles- Johan Seminario

Sounds- Beau4x4

Other various pieces and stuff- V4/4.5 Makers

Also thanks to the people who helped beta test: Mason Watts, Aaron Lurie, Joshua Micks, Chadwick Deerfoot, and Jon Cannon

If I left anybody out, I really do apologize. Just let me know and I will be sure to credit you in some form or fashion.


Click here to download this file

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