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  1. Name- Devin Doss Truck- Razin Kane Truck Link- TBA Backup Truck- Predator Discord- Devin Doss ッ#1995
    Another certified heater
  2. Name: Devin Doss Discord: Devin Doss ッ#1995 Truck: Razin Kane Truck Link:
    Unbelievable work done here.
  3. Name (First and Last): Devin Doss Truck: Deja Vu Truck Link: Discord: Devin Doss ッ#1995 Theme (If using a custom truck):
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Deja Vu #9 Big shoutout to @AaronLurie for letting me use his truck base and making it look absolutely amazing. Not an open custom.
    Its a dry heat
  5. The 90's called, they want their truck back. Thanks to @AaronLurie for piecing everything together and letting me use the same base as his truck.
  6. Name (First and last): Devin Doss Truck: Deja Vu 2021 Discord: Devin Doss ッ#1995 Theme song: Link to truck:
  7. Name: Devin DossTruck: Dragon (Zimmer)Backup Truck Choice 1: BrodozerBackup Truck Choice 1: SlingerDiscord: Devin Doss ッ#1995
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