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  1. Full Name: Devin DossTruck (and variation if necessary): ProwlerHometown: Roanoke, VADiscord Name: Devin Doss ッ#1995Years in Competition: 8
  2. Logo competition thread has been closed for a while. No need to make another thread.
  3. I know we're not voting, but these from @P3ForLife Customs and @Wave get my vote so far
  4. Finally, after over a year we have a new SYP Thread! Show 'em if you got 'em!
    Love the aesthetic
  6. Version 1.1.0


    Engine Engine Number 9 featuring Twin Twirly Boys I can't thank @Wambo enough for all the time and effort he put into this truck. It turned out way better than I ever could have imagined. Also thank you to @DannyMackey for putting up with my N/B complaints. You're both beautiful manly men. *This is not an open custom.* @Wambo: Body, Engine, Lights, N/B work, Chassis work, Truck File Work, Sound Work and Various Models @DannyMackey: Chassis work, N/B work, and Truck File Work @SealedGecko: Axles @RockCrwlr: Shocks and Various Models @acdcfan56: Shocks @Andrew: Tires @Mark Colineri: Rims @Outlawed: Chassis RSDG modding group: Driver Model Myself: Paint obviously its the only damn thing I did on the thing. If I've left you out of this credits section, please let me know and I will update ASAP.
  7. The Day of Reckoning nears. Soon my brothers. Big shoutout to @Wambo for all the time and work he's put into this thing.
  8. All together this is number 9 since 2013, although the 2019 version never got released.
  9. I told @Wambo I'd like a Spin Masters training truck style body on a Wilman and now I had to paint this thing with twin twirly boys on the engine. Still work to be done on the paint and truck (by wambo)
  10. I'll have you know its #8 thank you.
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