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    The bridge is my favorite part
  1. Version 1.0.0


    The big boy gets reborn with NAMT settings. This is not an open custom! This is only for use by me in leagues!
  2. Name: Devin Doss Truck: Deja Vu Discord: Devin Doss ッ#1995 Download Link (Sim-Monsters Only): Truck Song (Optional): https://www.epidemicsound.com/track/B5FdMLOypZ/ Year Debuted (Driving): 2012 Body Type: Concept Dune Buggy Hometown (OPTIONAL): Roanoke, Virginia
    Unbelieveable work done here. The bread is baked.
  3. Full Name: Devin DossTruck (and variation if necessary): ProwlerHometown: Roanoke, VADiscord Name: Devin Doss ッ#1995Years in Competition: 8
  4. Logo competition thread has been closed for a while. No need to make another thread.
  5. I know we're not voting, but these from @P3ForLife Customs and @Wave get my vote so far
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