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V4 Grave Digger 7 (1992-2000)


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File Name(s):

Grave Digger VII (1992-2000)

Grave Digger VII (1992-2000 With Flag)

Grave Digger VII (1992-2000 With Flag Bodyless)

File Submitter: rockgod88 (me)

File Submitted: October 14th 2014

File Category: V4 Replica


This i my very first "mod" for sim monsters. There is Three GDs one with a flag and one without and one 'bodyless' (with hood) Its should work without the v4 pack and a couple of the textures were 'fixed' (EX I retextured The hood) so if you do put all the files in your v4 folder replace everything that asked to be replaced!
SMV4 makers - Original body, chassis and shock models 
rockgod88 (me) - Painting the body, chassis, coils, tires, rims, flag and putting everything together.
John Dough - Tire model (repainted by me)
acdcfan56 - Sway bars, 4-links and Tie rods, Rim model

If i forgot anyone just give me a shout.

Also if it dosent work Please dont mark it as broken, Just tell me and ill FIX IT.

ill be updating it again soon with new shocks and stuff.
Get it here: http://sim-monsters.com/index.php?/files/file/1548-grave-digger-7-1992-2000/



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