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what did the fish say when he hit the wall?


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........................................... DAM!



anyways, hi guys! so my introduction is farely overdue considering i've been on sim monsters for many months now. i've always wanted to compete in a fun-run, league, etc. hopefully ill get that chance soon! 


heres me: im a16 year old kid who is greatly awaiting his departure from high school. i've loved monster trucks all my life. my dad took me to a show when i was about 2. from there, all i wanted to do was hear those engines roaring. with that being said, my life long dream is to become a monster jam monster truck driver. i know the road there will be lengthy and very competitive. honestly, even if i never become a driver, all i want to do is work around those big bad beauties. 


again, hello there. i am Fernando. :)

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