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K, so after much digging, I finally found a clean link to download the full game for free. Yeah, I know it's vales, whatever. All the kids are gonna be like "what's vales?" well, kiddos, I have no idea, ask someone who was around for it. I haven't tested this version (I already have the game installed) to see if it has all the content (i.e. Intro and win/lose videos) but as long as it runs, I personally can live without those.


Here's the link:



It should start the download as soon as you click or shortly thereafter. It's a rather good sized file, so give it time to fully download. And with that said, have fun and *ahem* GET YOU READY FOR SOME DOWN AND DIRTY RACING!!!

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That's likely an error with the truck or track you're using. it could be in a specific part of a model or texture on said model. Have you tried running different trucks on the track or vice-versa? (dif. tracks with one truck) That's all I have at least. What truck/track does the error appear with for you? I'll dl it and test it out myself, if it works for me, then it may be something with your hardware or graphics settings


if anything, you might be able to find the answers here. If not, then membership is free. May not be answered right away but it will be.

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