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(tracks)Chico 2014


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File Name: Chico 2014

File Submitter: Nascarfan98

File Submitted: 22 Jul 2014

File Category: Tracks

Eyyyy more tracks. For Friday night fun run and might be used in someones league ;)

Credits to those who don't deserve them but I'll give them credit anyways:
Cars, Vans and their textures, Seats texture: Klayton Halog
Speedway Model and some textures: Edy Beltran
Ground texture: Daniel Simon (Modified by me)

Click here to download this file

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Great track friend...Going do day 2 track of this? When they added hill on the strait part after last turn? 

Great track I just ran it for about 1 hour with different trucks and they all handled great on this track nascar great job!

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