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V4 ReplicaLucas Oil Equalizer 2014

Double.D ッ

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File Name: Lucas Oil Equalizer 2014

File Submitter: Double.D

File Submitted: 28 Jul 2014

File Category: V4 Replica

Since the Equalizer truck as changed over to the newest Silverado body, I figured this was the best chance to create my first replica paint. It's far from perfect, but I feel it's a nice stepping off point for more replicas from me.


Myself- Everything with the main paint, flag textures.

Daniel Donnelly- Literally piecing everything together, prop placement, exporting, truck file, suspension settings, LED lights.

Johan Seminario- Headlight texture, rim model.

Kozak- Chassis

Klayton- Tires

Chadwick Deerfoot- Pictures of logos I needed.

Andrew Sheets- Body

Joshua Micks- Bigger flag meshes.

Also thanks to Aaron Lurie, Chadwick Deerfoot, Tharindu Don, and Klayton Halog for beta testing.

If I forgot you in the credits, please let me know and I will be sure to change that.


Click here to download this file

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