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V4 CustomExcaliber and Executioner Retro-Mod

Mark Colineri

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File Name: Excaliber and Executioner Retro-Mod

File Submitter: Mark Colineri

File Submitted: 30 Jul 2014

File Category: V4 Customs

Here are 2 (actually 4) trucks that have deserved some love for a very long time. Both of these names were dominant in the early years of Monster Trucks. Tom and I felt that they had not been properly represented in Rigs Of Rods.

I spent a solid week putting everything together for Excaliber. I started with a Concussion which I heavily edited. I used an older Chevrolet to stay true to the Excaliber name. I made a brand new logo for the truck, and did all the paint work. I made brand new shock models, brand new axle models, and made sure everything lined up just right. I cannot be happier with how this truck came out

Tom Papaccio and Jon Cannon spent time bring Executioner to life. Tom used the current Hall Brothers Racing chassis, and put a modern Chevrolet body on it. He did all the paint work by himself. Cannon is responsible for placing props and creating the shock set-up on the truck.



Chassis - Kozak

Tires - Klayton

Paint - Tom

Prop Placing/Shock Set-Up - Cannon

Everything Else - V4/V4.5 Staff


Base Chassis - Kozak

Original Body - DiggerFan

Tires/Shock Shafts+Mounts/Sway Bar Link/D-Ring - Klayton

Chassis Editing/Body Editing/Paint/Shock+Axle Modeling+Textures/Camel Flag+Rim Covers - Me

Everything Else - V4/V4.5 Staff

Click here to download this file

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