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V4 CustomAmerican Guardian


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File Name: American Guardian

File Submitter: acdcfan56

File Submitted: 02 Aug 2014

File Category: V4 Customs

The final version of my ROR-MTP Truck, American Guardian!

Very fun project, fun bringing back an old favorite of mine, to a up to date style design!


Myself- Shocks, Rims, Paint, 4links, Fuelcell, Gauges, Flag, Flamethrower, swaybars, SwayBar Links, 4Links, Tierods, Knuckles, Driveshaft, etc.)

Kozak- Chassis

John Cannon- Body Baking

Andrew Sheets- Chevy Body

Klayton- Driveshaft, Axle, and swaybar link, Tire Textures

Matt- Engine, Tire Model

Chadwick- Locating the Side Graphics

Click here to download this file

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