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ScrapyardRC Shock Model


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File Name: RC Shock Model

File Submitter: RockCrwlr

File Submitted: 09 Aug 2014

File Category: Truck Building Items

Here are the shock models I made for when we started doing V5.

These are also the models that Johan and Mark used to make their models.

You may or may not need to change the rotation of them.

Add this to the managedmaterials line in the .truck file:

shockbody mesh_standard Feldshockbody.png Feldshockbody-spec.png

shockbody2 mesh_standard Feldshockbody2.png Feldshockbody2-spec.png

shockshaft mesh_standard Feldshocks.png Feldshocks-spec.png

Click here to download this file

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