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V4 Replica106.7 The Fox Blue


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File Name: 106.7 The Fox Blue

File Submitter: AustinH422

File Submitted: 25 Aug 2014

File Category: V4 Replica

This is my first truck I've ever uploaded. If there are any problems please tell me. Read the read me. Hope you like it!


Me: Truck file editing and paint

DarkFrenzy20: Helped with Ideas for editing the truck

SMV4 Team: Made the original truck I used as my base

Click here to download this file

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your truck had to be unapproved due to it overwriting the original 106.7 Fox truck. Please fix this when you have the chance so it can be reapproved. Thanks.

I need help on getting it to not overwrite the original. The only thing getting overridden is the paint.

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