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Guys I can't beleive we have made it all the way to the first ever World Finals in RORWR History.I am very excited for this event. To Be honest this was a joke at first. Honestly I didn't think it would get past the first event. But this actually became something. I want to give a Special Thank You to the following:Josh Gajewski,Will Meyer,Yovany Rayos,Voth,Dylan Bernier, and MjamFan22/Henry. All of you guys have made a big contribution in this league some how.

I want to give a Big Thank You again to MjamFan22 for making the track for us.

Here's how this will go:

Event Day: Saturday,September 6th

Qualifying(Locked In drivers and backups if needed)5:00est

Aim Chat/Stream Starts:7:00est

Event Starts:7:15 est

Here are the World Finals Qualifiers. This is the exact order of which the drivers ended off in points.

Josh Gajewski

Will Meyer

Jeremiah Price

Zach Nicholas

Jordan Wolfson

Blake Thompson

Yovany rayos


Joshua Micks

Aaron Lurie

Dylan Bernier

Isiah Brown

Colt Durham

Tharindu Don

Seth Holloway


Backups:Kelly Kifer

Nathan Smith

Alex S

This will also be your RORWR Season 1 World Finals Lineup. Now make sure you see this page because it will be updated. This also has the list of backups for the world finals so backups also be prepared to be in the world finals if needed.

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