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Starting an iRacing League


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Me and my pal are starting an iRacing league.. Feel free to join us






Hello everyone, We at United Racing Designs are looking to host some new leagues for the remaining year. We will be having 2 divisions, an oval series, and a Road Course Series.

The Oval series will see the Chevrolet Impala National running on a great variety of tracks. Night races start at 8:30 EST
Day races start at 7:00 EST on Saturdays. It will consist of a 10 race schedule.

The Sport Series will be using the Riley DP for the P class, and the BMW and Corvette for the GT class. Races will be held Wednesday nights as 8pm EST. It will consist of an 8 race schedule.

Sponsorship will be on a first come first serve basis. Schedules will not be released until a decent amount of entries are registered.

We are new to this type of thing so we are also looking for people to not only race, but to help us out with race officials and other staff positions.


Up to 4 drivers so far

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