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V4 ReplicaZombie


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File Name: Zombie

File Submitter: Coconutmen

File Submitted: 19 Oct 2014

File Category: V4 Replica

Here it is one of the biggest projects from me and Sheets, thanks to everyone that helped us! Really means alot revamaping this truck!

A very shootout to Klayton who helped us make the Node/Beam structure for the arms to move, thanks alot buddy :)


Old 2012 Version

Zombie 2013-14

Lindsey's Week Zombie (Mexico City 2014) [You need my Revamaped LOC for this one to work out]


Me - Painting/Editing a little Klayton's SIRs

Andrew Sheets - Body and modeling

Klayton - Tires and Node/Beam for the arms & Shocks <3

Johan - Rims & Shocks

Kozak/DanDon - Chassis Props

Everything else - Whoever made it and SM V4 Pack makers

If missed some please tell on the support thread, same as any bugs or problems that i can have

Click here to download this file

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