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ScrapyardN.E.A & Doomsday "Mini-Mod"


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File Name: N.E.A & Doomsday "Mini-Mod"

File Submitter: Coconutmen

File Submitted: 19 Oct 2014

File Category: Truck Building Items

What this does:


  • Adds flashing ligths
  • Neon glows now


  • Neon glows now

Originals trucks are from John Dough, i just made this kind of mod to make the neon ligths glow and on N.E.A to make those flash.


The zip cotains a:

  • Read Me (PLEASE READ IT)
  • Mod Folder
  • A folder with the original files so you can add them if you don't like this mod

Wan't to know how to make this kind of stuff? Here are some tutorials i made:



Click here to download this file

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