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Need help catching back up to speed!



Hey fellow monsters, 


It's been a while since I've checked in since building my new computer, but I was thinking last night while watching a freestyle from Ryan Anderson, and I miss my monster trucks and the SimMonster community. So I'm ready to get it all setup and ready on my new computer and get back into it since I have a computer worth using now. I'm wondering which version I should download, last I knew we were using .37 and on the verge of switching to .38, so I have no idea where everything stands at the moment. Basically, I'm just trying to catch back up with everything after being away for a while. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks !  :P  :D

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We are still farting around on .37. Other than that, not much has changed. Not sure when you left, but we are still using the V4 pack, although many mods/updates have been released to make the base pack look a bit better.

Ah, dang. I figured it'd for sure be on .38 by now. I left around March/April, and I remember people telling me we were really close to the switch. Oh well, everything still looks amazing. Thanks for replying :)

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