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(tracks)Nashville SuperSpeedway 2014 *Racing Only*

Mark Colineri

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File Name: Nashville SuperSpeedway 2014 *Racing Only*

File Submitter: Mark Colineri

File Submitted: 07 Nov 2014

File Category: Tracks

This has always been one of my favorite tracks. This is the track I actually learned to drive with a wheel on. It was long over-due for an update, though. So, I decided to give it a makeover. As of right now, this is just a racing version, which will be used in RoR:MTP tonight. I do plan on releasing an update in the future that will include a freestyle version.


Modeling/Texturing - Me
Car Textures - Casey
Container Texture - RoR Repo
Tarp/Dirt Texture - Klayton

Click here to download this file

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