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(tracks)Raceway Park - King Of The Hill

Mark Colineri

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File Name: Raceway Park - King Of The Hill

File Submitter: Mark Colineri

File Submitted: 23 Nov 2014

File Category: Tracks

Here is the Raceway Park track that is to be used in tonight's King Of The Hill. The track is being ran as the traditional Raceway Park layout. Start at the cones, hit the 3 car stacks, do a 180 around the pole, hit the 3 car stacks again. Freestyle has a few added obstacles.


Modeling/Texturing - Me
Car Textures - Casey edited by Me
Van Textures - MTM2
Railing Texture - Klayton
Raceway Park Logo - RacewayPark.com

Click here to download this file

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