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(tracks)Fall Madness X


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File Name: Fall Madness X

File Submitter: DannyMackey

File Submitted: 03 Dec 2014

File Category: Tracks

Welcome to the longest running special event in simulation monster truck racing, Fall Madness. Here you can download the track for this years Fall Madness. The racing layout is the same, classic clover-leaf course, made larger with more obstacles in racing to give a brand new look to the track. Freestyle features many never before seen obstacles, offering the drivers a new perspective for their freestyle. Hope everyone enjoys this years track! Enjoy!

Danny Mackey (Models, Textures, Paint)
Michael Murray (Mud Pit)
Aaron Lurie (Paint)
Devin Doss (Textures)
Klayton Halog (Textures)
Sim-Monsters (Textures)
Rigs of Rods Repository (Textures)
MTM2 (Textures)

Click here to download this file

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