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Houston 2008


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[TRACK] (Include in topic title) ex: [TRACK] Houston, TX 2008
Venue: Reliant Stadium
Racing Style:
St. Louis?
Replica or Custom: Replica
Date Ran: 1/05/08

youtube link:

uploading pics is to hard so theres a link, thank you for your time, i went throught the track requests to make sure it wasnt posted. pretty sure this hasnt been made to my know abouts.


wondering if its possible to steam chat or something while i try to work on it, havnt started. i posted something in off topic but no replies. tutorials dont really help and setting up ogre is a pain, wondeering if a kind sir would be willing to add me on steam and have a nice chit chat as i try to contribute to this fine establishment


just downloaded blender 2.65a and got the ogre import or export thingamabober. so hopefully someone willl take up on my plead.

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