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V4 CustomWest Wind Training Center 2015 Revamped 2.0

Hagan Moskau

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File Name: West Wind Training Center 2015 Revamped 2.0

File Submitter: Hagan Moskau

File Submitted: 04 Jan 2015

File Category: V4 Customs

Well, here we are. I think it's about time I finally release the new West Wind Training Center. So, since I'm a huge old fashion Chevy guy, I went with a 1970s Chevy body, and I put a brand new chassis, and the Amiin chassis will be used for my brother's custom truck that will coming out soon. And my good friend Alex Steinhaus, made a completely new paint design that is better than I even imagined it to be. I also went with a no sway bar design to make the truck flex more in racing and freestyle. The suspension I made myself is a mix between soft and stiff, made by me. I hope y'all enjoy this truck!

EDIT: Hopefully this is the last time I revamp it.

Huge thanks to Alex (Voth) *something* (IDK his last name) Blake Thompson for testing it.

I reserve the right to use this truck in any league or funrun.

-Hagan Moskau


Hagan Moskau - Building, designing, editing some parts of the truck, shocks settings, specs.

Alex Steinhaus - Paint, and designing the graphics on the body.

Diggerfan - Body

Edy Beltran - Shock texture

Mark Colineri - Textures on Tires, Editing Chassis, Shocks and Rims

Johan Seminario - Some Props, Rims

Klayton Halog - Tires, Shocks models

Nicholas Kozak - Chassis, and Mufflers

Michael Murray - Radiator, Seat

Daniel Donnelly - Fuel Cell, some other props

Christopher Hamilton - some in-cab props

V4, V4.5, V5 Pack Makers - Everthing else

EDIT: Completely redid it, with new chassis and different props.

Click here to download this file

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