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V4 ReplicaGrave Digger 30 2015


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File Name: Grave Digger 30 2015

File Submitter: mrgravedigger23

File Submitted: 09 Jan 2015

File Category: V4 Replica

Before anything im going to say DanDon gave me permission to upload this as the 2015 digger it has the BKT tires on it and he was busy so i asked if i can upload this he said go for it


Daniel Donnelly (DanDon) - Constructing the chassis, suspension set-up, texturing the chassis, some prop placement, RII box model/texture, rear steering motor model/texture

Johan Seminario (acdcfan56) - Sway bar arm models/textures, tie rod models/textures, 4-link bar models/textures, some prop placement

Klayton Halog (RockCrwlr) - Tire models/textures, engine textures

Matt Wilkinson (SealedGecko) - Engine model

Nicholas Kozak (Outlawed) - Chassis model

Blake Thompson-adding BKT Tires

Once again thanks to DanDon for letting me do this


Click here to download this file

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