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2015 Tracks


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Can Someone Make These Tracks Or Something, Because I Haven't Seen Any 2015 Tracks Yet.


#MyMonsterJam Tracks:

1) Evansville 2015

2) Nashville 2015

3) Columbus 2015

4) Lexington 2015

5) Washington 2015

6) Trenton 2015

7) Houston 2015

8) Indianapolis 2015

9) Orlando 2015

10) Anaheim 2015

11) Hildago 2015

12) Tampa 2015




#MoreMonsterJam Tracks:

1) Des Moines 2015

2) Louisville 2015

3) Millawake 2015

4) Wichita 2015


If Someone Can Make ANY of these trucks...I will love you forever.. BTW (Not trying to sound gai or anything)



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Any tracks done yet, just curious.

After seeing what's on SYP i'd assume that some are finished or very close to it, just be patient. And please don't constantly ask if/when something will be done. It can get annoying, and sometimes get that project pushed back or even cancelled, depending on the creator. (Example: Rock's 2013/2014 World Finals tracks) Not trying to be mean but it's true.

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