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(tracks)Daviess County Fair Freestyle Mania


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File Name: Daviess County Fair Freestyle Mania

File Submitter: Hornetguy97

File Submitted: 15 Feb 2015

File Category: Tracks

Well, first track of my life. Pretty proud of it. Not gonna lie, it just plain sucked. Learning this program sucked, trying to get this in game right sucked, so you guys better like this track :rolleyes: . its nothing special. simple, fun track. anything you want to see done with track i can try. Sorry there isnt a racing.

Original track- NascarFan98
Cars- Rock
Textures- not sure, but if you see your's, i can put it on here:)

Click here to download this file

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I gotta say, this is a really good first track. The only thing I have to say is some of the jumps(Particularly the two next to the bus jump) the textures aren't great. I didn't realize the jumps were there until I hit it and flipped. Obviously it's your first track, I love it otherwise 

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