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V4 CustomWorking Class III

Mark Colineri

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File Name: Working Class III

File Submitter: Mark Colineri

File Submitted: 19 Feb 2015

File Category: V4 Customs

Here it is, the 3rd iteration of Working Class! This is by far the best looking yet. Made some major changes in chassis design, and did some major work in shock tuning. A brand new body mold was made, and it looks better than it ever has. As of now, there are 3 different paint schemes that can be ran. I hope to compete well in this truck in the 2015 season!

This truck will be updated with a few more versions, so watch out for that.


Body/Chassis/Shocks/Paint - Me

Flames on Scheme 2 - Chadwick

Other Components - Everyone Who Made Them

Click here to download this file

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