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PACE Motorsports Music Heard on Grave Digger Domination


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This is a thread of all tracks found on the movie Grave Digger Domination. Both the 97 version (better version), and the crappy 01 version without the animated graveyard. Anyway, let's get to the movie.

"Bad To The Bone"- Grave Digger's usual theme

"Survival of the sickest"- by Saliva. Instrumental

There was another track found in the Pontiac Rollover feature that was a TV guide song.

"Proud Country"- Non Stop Producer Series. country 1. Heard twice on Domination. Dennis Anderson loads up for West Leb, and New Orleans 1993. That song is also heard on The Best Of Inside Monster Jam Volume 1: Monster Truck Technical Inspection (Reptoid in Miami feature).

"Slipping and Sliding." By Firstcom Music FC-A45

"Cellar Dweller."- Non Stop Producer Series. 1980s 1. West Lebanon Intro. Also on IMJ vol. 1: Nashville Arenacross

"Lucretia" by Megadeth

More coming soon

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