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Test Run at Super Dome



hey i just want to try a test run to see if my computer is good enough to run RoR online


ill try and host but if someone else can that would be great


this will take place on wed about 2;20 - 4


Aim not requierd ( in game chat do it here) unless i say otherwise


if you can do it post it here (sign up)


only v4 trucks please


track here http://sim-monsters.com/index.php?/files/file/26-new-orleans-superdome/


if you can do it THANKS!!

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Don't wanna clog up the wrong forum, but I'd love to participate. If you could get me a definite time I should be good. Not out of school till around 2:30. I don't use AIM. My first time really competing online here too!

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Ok Cool, ill try and start it around 2;20 then everyone can join as soon as they can. please have your in game name the same as your forum name(ex rockgod88). ill post the password here around 2;20. i want to try and get about 45 minutes of racing then 45 for freestyle. it will end around 3;55 or 4 at the latest (this might change to be later)
sign ins like this
Name :rockgod88
Truck :Grave Digger XX
also i may have questions about stuff so that's why this is in H+S
PS (I'm actually going to be GD)
Hope this helps. :)
EDIT it will be on ror .37
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i keep getting the errors


Wed Mar 25 14:39:27 2015|t01|ERROR|error upon registration: error: cannot connect from the master server. Please check your Firewall or leave it as it is now to create a local only server. Your server is NOT advertised on the Master server. You should have a look at http://wiki.rigsofrods.com/index.php?title=Port_Forwardings_for_Multiplayer
Wed Mar 25 14:39:27 2015|t01|ERROR|!!! Server is NOT registered at the Master server !!!
Wed Mar 25 14:39:27 2015|t01|ERROR|registration failed, exiting!
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