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V4 ReplicaMonster Energy 2015

John Dough

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File Name: Monster Energy 2015

File Submitter: John Dough

File Submitted: 10 Apr 2015

File Category: V4 Replica

After one year and two months, it's finally done! Debuting in 2012 as Damon Bradshaw's replacement ride for Air Force Afterburner, Monster Energy has consistently been one of the top performing Monster Jam

® Trucks on the circuit. In addition to Damon's truck, Coty Saucier's Monster Energy is also included as well as the Ford F150 version that he

ran at Monster Jam World Finals XVI in 2015. A lot of work went into these, so I hope you all enjoy!


Paint - Me

Body - Klayton

Chassis - Kozak

Chassis Component Assembly - Me

Rims - Johan

Rim Texturing - Fern

Testing - Fern, Marcus Santana, Tom P., and many others

Tires - Me

Chassis Components - Various SM content creators

Click here to download this file

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