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  1. Are you dyslexic? You mean if jim jack got stuck on a van stack would you help jim jack off.
  2. Of course the one year i dont go heavy d and brodozer show up😒
  3. May i suggest you play around with blender? I see potential in your tracks and you would be much better off using it. @DannyMackey made a very nice tutorial about how to make a track
  4. Not the lean. Thats the carolina look. As far as stance, yeah. I want mine to sit a little wider
  5. Shes getting there
  6. Welcome to the life of a track maker. Now you know why i quit @JUICY TOES no one is attacking you, they are just giving you crucial advice. Carry on.
  7. I told you it was all luck @obsessionracing
  8. Stoked for Dangerkids' new album
  9. Theyve been out for like 3 yrs. if youre referring to coilovers then youre wrong because i never made a new set for monster trucks.
  10. So in other words you didnt really do anything "show your projects" worthy? The basic noob can switch tires and rims. Please expand your abilities. Learn how to paint and bake bodies in blender. There are plenty tutorials out there that show you how.
  11. Wrong flexbody nodes and wrong forset numbers
  12. use the number pad on your keyboard. number 7 lowers the FOV and ctrl 7 increases it
  13. Really digging this song. Sounds like a mix of From Ashes To New and Linkin Park
  14. Just quickly chiming in to claim my credit for making that body. It was the second body I had ever attempted, so it isnt that great. Good luck with the project.
  15. No hes doing it to raise his post count most likely, which gives you absolutely nothing in this community except a reputation of being annoying. @Garrett Hanson Dont post these in SYP anymore. This shows NOTHING but the slightest part of a truck.