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  1. Chris Bialek Nitemare Express
  2. Chris B

    RORIL Tampa 2021

    Oh you've really done it now
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Short Iron Fab Shop in Michigan. Don't hit the boat Someone pls make Sinistar, Short Iron, and Reckless Drivin for rigs now thank you
    My new favorite pack on this website. Paints are all super clean and they please my 5 year old brain
  4. Please actually release the Bootis and friends pack. Thank you This will come out like tomorrow or something idk lol
  5. Short Iron Fabrication Shop, Muskegon, MI Still a lot to do Yes this is a replica
  6. Driver: Me Series you hope to get drafted to: Throwdown or bust Years in competition: 3 maybe idk Discord: I’m in there Biggest Accomplishment in SM events (Optional): Levi Schones had a sick barrel roll in my truck Showtime during Prestons league IMTRS
  7. Chris B


    Name: Scoops Body: N/A Chassis: N/A Paint (images of color/graphics): Yellow, with some Dirt Squad logos around (see below) Other details: A part of the Monster Jam Dirt Squad to help recover vehicles. Thank you in advance!!!
  8. 2/14/2021 Air Force = Vinny's tour; Scooby = FS1 Tour; Total Chaos = FBS, Insanity
  9. Damn Edy, those look real! Awesome work man
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