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  1. Chris Bialek Chris B#5044 Showtime 2.5 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fT67ta4VrQQ
  2. Name: Chris Bialek Truck: Pirate's Curse: Ripsaw Truck Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ssep193m7a77nbq/PiratesCurseRipsaw.zip/file Chris B#5044
  3. Name: Chris Bialek Truck: Pirate's Curse: Ripsaw Truck Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ssep193m7a77nbq/PiratesCurseRipsaw.zip/file Chris B#5044
  4. Version 1.0.0


    The track I made for me and @Austin Dahlgren's league we run with some friends. Made this track by putting fun first, so that's why there are some textures that are a bit under the quality that I usually put out. Don't worry though, I've got plenty more high quality content coming out soon! Was not planning on releasing this, but I try and release every track I made. Have fun! A video of the actual event will be posted once it's ran this coming Friday.
    Track itself is super fun to drive on! Some fun obstacles in kind of a tight space, love it! Only thing I would say though is work on your texturing. Use more bakes and texture overlays for things such as the turning polls and walls. This will make things look and feel a lot more realistic. If ya need help on any of this message me and I'll be happy to help 👍
  5. Full Name: Chris BialekTruck (and variation if necessary): Total ChaosHometown: Chicago Discord Name: You have itYears in Competition: 3
  6. Those are all looking really good, especially that second one 👍
  7. Here are my logos! Worked hard on them. Made sure to stick with Sim Monster's original colors (to honor and keep the history) but put some more modern touches on it. Really like how they came out: Light theme examples (clear PNG format) Dark theme examples: Website (.com): Potentially for the Discord Let me know what you think! Always open to suggestions/feedback 👍 Alternate, I know we need the little dash, but just in case, here are ones without it:
    Racing's really fun! Love the race layout and the timer works really well. Only thing I would say would be to try and make a couple of the visuals more accurate or detailed (such as baking the floor rather than just using a concrete texture). Still, loving the track overall 👍
    Racing's a little tight, and the walls kinda have a tendency for the truck to go thru them. Try using invisible barriers to fix this. (make a hidden plane, set it to a clear.png, and make it collidable). It's definetly creative though and Im loving the outside the box thinking 👍
  8. Chris B

    St. Louis 2020

    Version 1.0.0


    Monster Jam in The Dome! Tried some new things in regards to texturing here, think it came out alright. Not 100% perfect, but I'd say it's pretty close! Credits: - MaxDMan = St. Louis 2019 Base, Trailers, Forklift, Bulldozers, Speakers, Ambulance - Diggerfan = Original Dome Model and Dome textures - Me = Wall Banners, track model, Short bus, most texturing, exit signs - RockCrwlr = SBLightFlare - Danny Mackey = New cars (testmobile) Racing has a working timer as well TRACK ONLY WORKS IN ROR 2020
  9. Check your wall banners, they seem to be extremely stretched out. Other than that not too bad
    Gotta give it a 10/10 because it's like 20 minutes from my college lmao. Especially love the roofing details on this one
  10. Flawless as always, Love the roofing details! Bad Habit trailer looks fresh, wasn't at the show but that don't matter lol. Can't wait for the release!
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