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  1. Some classics https://forum.rigsofrods.org/resources/burnside.280/
  2. Hey dude make the Jumbotron screen glow, but other than that looking good! Also the flares for the lighting don’t seem to be working. Probably just the wrong code in the material file
  3. Name- Chris B Truck- Saigon Truck Link- nah not rn Backup Truck- Wild side Discord- yeah
    Could use some shine/spec things in some places. But other than that this truck good
  4. Chris B#5044 is driving Predator
  5. i like you a lot

  6. CHRIS BIALEK SHOWTIME Chris B#5044 Theme song: https://youtu.be/tMlKmELIhgY
  7. Track is up! All qualifying updates will be given in the Sim-Monsters Discord server by Austin.
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Here is the OFFICIAL track to be used for the second running of the Star Spangled Spectacular! If you aren't already signed up... the link is below! Some assets are from Testmobile as well as the Supercross video game series. If experiencing any lag issues, feel free to downsize any images. Lag was not experienced in any test runs of the track. Particle effect by Edy. Track X: https://streamable.com/wgodbc https://streamable.com/e0lfwd
  9. Thank you for over 50 sign-ups!!! Remember, sign ups are still open as well. Stay tuned to the RORMJL Arena Tour season opener this Sunday (6/20)... the track will be revealed during intermission! Expect the release to be within the following day or two. ALSO, due to scheduling conflicts, qualifying will now open on Wednesday June 23rd. It will still last up until the given date. Information on how qualifying will work will be published Wednesday.
  10. Name: You already know Truck: The Heavy Chevy Discord: You already know Theme song: Link: I have to finish the track first!!
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