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  1. Chris Bialek Total Chaos (Gold) https://www.mediafire.com/file/aqsxxrqc8ul8yub/TotalChaosWF3.zip/file
    Compliments to the chef
    Looking good man, awesome to see you growing so much as a truck creator!
  2. Time has been changed to 9PM est! Sign ups open today in the Discord server at 7pm est.
  3. INTRODUCING: Willman Wednesday!! Is every truck you see out there with a front engine necessarily a Willman? Hell no! But that doesn’t matter, we call them that anyways! Fire Force Special Events is bringing WILLMAN WEDNESDAY to Sim-Monsters.com!! What does this mean? On December 23rd, at 9pm EST, we will be bringing you one of the most unique events in Sim Monsters history. A maximum of 24 of the best Sim Monsters drivers will takeover Sam Boyd Stadium for an all out racing and freestyle competition! BUT WAIT, that’s not all. Every driver will be driving a WILLMAN! Now, wh
  4. Name Chris Bialek Truck Scooby Doo Wilman https://www.mediafire.com/file/87j001dar1a50x8/ScoobEDoo.zip/file discord yeahhhh
  5. Name: Chris Bialek Truck: Scooby Doo Wilman https://www.mediafire.com/file/87j001dar1a50x8/ScoobEDoo.zip/file Discord: I’m in there
  6. hey chris B, I'm running 4.7 but i cant get the meford track to work. Is there something i need to do, thankyou

  7. Version 1.0.0


    Flex the X This model rocks, super happy with how it turned out. Don't even know why I made it, just did. RACING STYLE: (Chicago Style but one of the turns goes outside the venue then back in) Click link below for video explanation! https://streamable.com/yf3gms Track is equipped with timer Venue model may not be used without my permission
    Not bad for you first replica! Can only get better from here.
    As much backlash as this project got, I honestly think it is hilarious and should be a great edition to the NAMT scene
  8. Team Name: Fire Force E Team Headquarters: Chris B’s Dorm room (Carbondale, IL) 1: Chris B (captain) 2. Trevor Amos 3: Alex Ferrulo 4. Levi schones
  9. Name: Chris Bialek Truck: Party Time Discord: Chris B#5044 Download Link (Sim-Monsters Only): There WILL be an updated paint coming out soon with minor adjustments, I’ll be sure to let the mods know when it’s out Truck Song (Optional): Year Debuted (Driving): 2016 Body Type: 1970s Ford F-250 Hometown: Elgin, IL
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