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  1. Are... are you kidding me? Download the pack here. Move the entire thing to the packs folder. Add the files from your addon packs into the base pack.
  2. Did you install the V4 base pack? If a truck says it's standalone, then you can just download it and run it. If it doesn't, you need to install the base pack and add the addon trucks to the base pack.
  3. Lindsey will forever and always be in the Crusader for me. Blue Thunder to him was like Hendrick for Kyle Busch - it happened, but we don't talk about it anymore. Snake Bite is pretty cool, but the skewed letters are messing with me.
  4. Time to forget about this for another 6 months
  5. Oh is this a thing again
  6. It's a methamphetamine-themed Pontiac Aztek!
  7. I don't know what I'm doing lmaoo
  8. I'm doing the thing. Free cookie if you can guess what it is. Blue Funk.
  9. Lose 60lbs and get a girlfriend.
  10. lets you host 50GB of files on their cloud for free. I'm using it for my NR2003 projects when I nuke my system sometime in the next few weeks.
  11. Copying Lionel, nice.
  12. Got $550 and a dope ass Garfield shirt from my grandma too!
  13. Kevin Harvick 2005 Quicksilver Color Chrome 1:24 Dale Earnhardt Jr 2012 Diet Dew Color Chrome 1:24 Kevin Harvick 2014 Outback Liquid Color 1:24 8-Car Display Case DOOM Battlefield 1