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  1. my life
  2. tonight:
  3. Roof flaps are like freaking parachutes. Make em smaller, get the cars unsealed from the ground and they'll fly around.
  4. So, uhm...
  5. I've already had to change bodies once. It's nice enough for my personal use, since I'm not releasing it.
  6. Nah, I like the old S10s <3
  7. There we go, thanks Cannon! I know I need the interior fiberglass shell thing, but I can't be arsed right now.
  8. Yes, still did nothing.
  9. Still not doing anything. Should I just switch bodies or something?
  10. Okay so I summoned the devil, what now
  11. Set flat, set smooth: Nothing else changes when I set it.
  12. How? The .blend file baked weird and wouldn't smooth.
  13. Hey guys I did the thing after 6 loveing years