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  1. RockCrwlr

    Official Monster Truck 2K19 Thread

    Wow, whats up with those hacked pieces of tube welded together on the driver side front end?
  2. RockCrwlr

    Show Your Projects Chapter 1

    Honestly man I forgot how to do it all. The rims were already mapped into the render from when i made them back in 2014. All i did was add a camera and a lamp for the lighting and a dark material for the tire and hit f12.
  3. RockCrwlr

    Show Your Projects Chapter 1

    Never thought I would post in here again, let alone make another set of tires. Took me awhile to remember how to use Blender again after not using it in 2 years lol. This is a set of Super Swamper TSLs. Looking at the renders I need to modify a few things but other than that I will attempt to create a paint for it......If I can remember how I made tire paints
  4. RockCrwlr

    Show Your Projects Chapter 64

    Sorry to be that guy but the body needs some modifying. It needs to be more bulky around the cab/windshield area. Also, not sure who made those coilovers, but i suggest remodeling them or atleast thin out the shock shaft. In my opinion as a whole they lack detail, but its up to you obviously. Otherwise, it looks good.
  5. RockCrwlr

    Transparent Texture Help

    Here try this. material ALPHA/TEX/WF15_crowd2.png { receive_shadows off technique { pass { alpha_rejection greater 0 //lighting off cull_hardware none cull_software none scene_blend alpha_blend alpha_rejection greater_equal 128 //depth_write off texture_unit { texture WF15_crowd2.png } } } }
  6. RockCrwlr

    MJU uses Rigs of Rods?

    Alright this is not a Gavin Hill thread, even though I would love talking about how great his presence was in this community lol. Back on topic guys
  7. RockCrwlr

    Transparent Texture Help

    What material code are you using? I was having that issue back when i was doing crowd textures and did something in the material file that fixed it. Cant remember the code but if im not busy this weekend i can look for it
  8. RockCrwlr

    MJU uses Rigs of Rods?

    Was* The best time of his life WAS right before getting the v4 pack. Thats when he made a name for himself. Hes really not around much
  9. RockCrwlr

    MJU uses Rigs of Rods?

    Tom! We weren’t supposed to mention names! So many new people don’t even know how great Gavin Hill was😂
  10. RockCrwlr

    MJU uses Rigs of Rods?

    Awesome. No other info is needed. Im just happy that their deal went through and have created something amazing.
  11. RockCrwlr

    MJU uses Rigs of Rods?

    Not sure. Didn’t ask them as it was none of my business. All i know is that ror uses an open source for scripting and anyone can go in and modify the coding which is not easy hence why ror has taken so long just to come to where its at now.
  12. RockCrwlr

    MJU uses Rigs of Rods?

    If thats from who I think it is and have stayed on the same path, it is ROR with a modified script that has been in the works for years from a few people. If its them they have done a fantastic job. I am unable to say the names but I had learned alot from them back when I made content for this game.
  13. RockCrwlr

    Colton ike chassis?

    Why is this in the ror section and not real world racing section?
  14. RockCrwlr

    Show Your Projects Chapter 63

    Oh god please someone redo that body.....awful that was the first body I had made. Besides that, its good