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  1. TheMoparGuy


    i play pubg
  2. TheMoparGuy

    Steam User names

  3. TheMoparGuy

    Rigs Of Rods Screenshot Showcase Thread

    a few more
  4. TheMoparGuy

    Rigs Of Rods Screenshot Showcase Thread

    got bored, felt like snapping some nostalgic looking pics.
  5. TheMoparGuy

    TheMoparGuys Many Projects

    nope they are removeable from 74 to 80. 81 to 93 were not
  6. TheMoparGuy

    TheMoparGuys Many Projects

    lol. yea believe it or not it can get pretty cold here in the winter. its not uncommon to be in the single digit temperatures. even towards the end of winter we can have drastic temperature changes. at night and in the mornings it can get to below freezing and then warm up to 70 to 80 degrees by noon.
  7. TheMoparGuy

    TheMoparGuys Many Projects

    lol yea pretty much. i live about 45 minutes south of vegas in a rural town. its what allows me to have all this stuff without the city getting on my case.
  8. TheMoparGuy

    Post your Rides.

    here is my green ramcharger i finished building up at moab with my friends yellow one beside it i have more pics of the build up in my projects thread http://sim-monsters.com/index.php?/topic/1947-themoparguys-many-projects/page-2
  9. TheMoparGuy

    TheMoparGuys Many Projects

    sun went down before we finished painting here it is all clearcoated here it is finished and at moab easter jeep safari with my friends yellow one next to it
  10. TheMoparGuy

    TheMoparGuys Many Projects

    here comes the primer prepping the hood here comes the color
  11. TheMoparGuy

    TheMoparGuys Many Projects

    myself and my friend discussing what color to paint the body a view of our shop with my ramcharger on the left and my friends ramcharger on the right. and the monster truck in the back of the shop behind mine. my girlfriend sanding away on the truck so we can get it primered and shes masking off the parts we dont want paint on. i love this girl
  12. TheMoparGuy

    TheMoparGuys Many Projects

    i have welded the firewall out of the 92 into the 77 and placing it on the 92 chassis
  13. TheMoparGuy

    TheMoparGuys Many Projects

    rebuilding the transmission with girlfriend helping freshened up engine and painted
  14. TheMoparGuy

    TheMoparGuys Many Projects

  15. TheMoparGuy

    TheMoparGuys Many Projects

    well i guess its time to revive this old thread. sadly we havent made much progress on the monster truck. the economy and our location hasnt helped much in finding parts or jobs. so ive been doing other things more affordable. my latest project has been my 77 dodge ramcharger i built for some good trail running. Now what i have done is i have merged old school body with newer school technology. i have taken a 92 ramcharger with fuel injection and overdrive, A/C, cruise control, basically all the bells and whistles. stripped the body and dash off of it and installed the 92 dash in the 77 body. and placed the 77 body onto the 92 chassis and drivetrain. heres some pics of the buildup