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  1. blooberman

    Smart Car

    You read right, smart car monster truck! If someone could build a body and attach it to a frame, it would be awesome!
  2. blooberman

    XDP Truck errors

    Thanks. I'll give that a shot.
  3. blooberman

    XDP Truck errors

    I keep getting error 6 blackrim.mesh whenever I select the XDP truck to use ingame. Does anyone else have this problem and/or solution? I love diesels and I really want to play with this so please help if you're able to!! Thanks.
  4. blooberman


    I keep getting either error 5 cumminsidle or sometimes 6 blackrim.mesh
  5. blooberman


    My great grandma has cancer and she is not doing well at all. She is 90, and I hope she will be feeling better soon. I'm sorry for your loss.
  6. Merry Christmas everyone!!!

  7. blooberman

    Help with my turning?

    Alright. I just made an AIM, also. If you want to add me on AIM just send me a message on S-M.
  8. blooberman

    Help with my turning?

    I'll look at AIM, and DDT you and Tom P.'s ideas helped me out a lot! I'm actually much better than before because I followed y'all's tips. Thanks!
  9. blooberman

    RoR Action Shot Edits

    Send me the links to them!
  10. blooberman

    Help with my turning?

    I don't have an AIM, sorry. @ tom p. Thanks, I'll try that
  11. blooberman

    Help with my turning?

    Hello there everyone. I am always playing on Rigs of Rods using the Sim-Monsters trucks and tracks. I like todo freestyle and racing, and try to be as realistic as I possibly can. I pretty good at that, but there's one thing I can't seem to master, speeding around the turns in the game. I use the Aux/RWS and I have the hang of it, but whenever I goto a turn i end up either flipping the truck, or it just slides like a drift into the saftey barriers/wall. Why is this? I use Manual shift-with auto clutch. What is the trick?! Please let me know if you've got the answer or a good video explaining this. Thank you all. -blooberman
  12. Hello there S-M members. I am decent at editing photos, and I'd like to share my skill with all of yall. I do edits on action screenshots, (mostly monster trucks), and I will edit shots for you if you have any action shots you want to have edited. I don't ask anything in return. Here's some of my guidelines/requirements: **No shots of characters standing beside a truck. **Action shots ONLY! I'll insert whatever you ask for, **(remember keep it appropriate for all ages!) If you don't like the edit, I'll re-do it until it's exactly how you want it. I mostly do monster truck shots, but if you want something else I can make it happen. Credits for the edit much appreciated! So those are pretty much my basic guidelines. * - must follow. Anything unstarred is an optional choice made by you. If you want to see any of my edits from the past, look on my profile. They should be there. Also, if you do want an edit, messaging me is a better way because I don't like having requests in the forums simply because they're too hard to get everyones if there are alot of replies. -blooberman
  13. blooberman

    hello everyone!

    Hello everyone! I'm brand new to sim-monsters and would like to say hello! I'm not very new to rigs of rods, just sim-monsters. I think it's the best monster truck simulator i've ever seen! I like it alot. Anyway just saying hello and introducing myself! -blooberman