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  1. The what did you get thread

    my issue is, I need money to pay off the daytona race car, and more money for a trailer, and none of my family can pay for that. so I don't need anything, lol, and my mother said I can't ask for money... so kinda sol I guess
  2. Learning to dirt track race

    gotta say, cool and yet bummer at the same time. My local track is on the verge of its demise since the track was bought by a guy who owns several of them, but only cares about one a little to far from me, Wat did ur grandfather drive?.. make, model etc... and thanks guys, best thing I've ever done. After that race I had to lie down on the concrete for awhile to try to catch my breath and stop smiling, Rwd is just so much more exciting
  3. Learning to dirt track race

    got to run at a local indoor short track in my pinto, first time on the track, and on one that small, finally made a break through in the main-event. I also put both heats up on my channel as well. oh and this is my first year racing anything in real life. sheesh these fwd guys are hard to beat (my car is the red number 95, and yes thats my father video taping)
  4. personally I find it kind of funny that someone said that u could go over board with a name like Maximum Destruction.... imo, it fits them, not amazed about the designs, but I'm waiting till I see a picture of the actual truck... considering I wont see them irl since they don't come to any venue close to me... anyways... imo they are better then the digger 30th anniversary... just my two cents I guess
  5. Golden Moments in Life

    right with you Crazy, just a little different style, (my first year, I think 4th race, I'm in the red #95 Pinto)
  6. TV show thread

    1. bbc top gear 2. whose line is it anyways 3. Firefly 4. sherlock 5. phineas and ferb I'm messed up
  7. Rockstar JR.

    nope not the one that crushed the Porsche, its Glen Millers tuff truck that has been considered a "mini monster truck"
  8. geeez, lol, ok my 2 cents on this subjects. Congratz to Runte and the whole Bigfoot organization, I was kinda hoping it would be harder then that to get though. idk I think this record is a big deal, or it should be. Very happy feld doesnt own it, but I did like that a smaller independent had it. idk if that makes sense, I just hope to see Joe go for it again.. I don't care who has it, just as long as there is competition for it.
  9. A Moment To Remember

    good times, I came on board during those days of show ur projects that got graced by Cortez's ....work
  10. What's your favorite food?

    those who pest about V4
  11. Should Monster X Tour and Monster Jam Merge?

    First thought, I don't believe Payne needs t.v. time, it looks to me like he is doing fine on his own, and if he wanted it, why would he have built his truck in a way that doesnt fit in Felds rules? and secondly isn't Monster X in the middle of a merger already?
  12. Hendrick Motorsports 200th Win

    not a fan of Jimmie because of the above mentioned reasons, and how they seems to get out of most of their penalties, (like the Daytona incident) so I think his championships are suspect. . . however, I still have to respect Hendricks, thats the best I can do for ya
  13. [Truck] Hooked

    just fyi, its Steven Sims, 18 year old son of Steve Sims... and wat a debut for him it was
  14. Show Your Projects Chapter 12

    skull on the nose is a little off wit the part on the nose. and I think the skull on the door should be a different color, so it stands out a little more. but all in all a pretty good scheme