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  1. Who Is Your Favorite NASCAR Driver

    Jeff Gordon.
  2. This could be old news but I don't remember seeing it. http://www.monsterjam.com/Contests/
  3. AAP coming back to Monster Jam?

    Please no....
  4. Well so much for watching Monster Jam tomorrow. The NASCAR truck race was rescheduled and will now be starting at 5:30 eastern which is half an hour before MJ.
  5. World Finals XV Discussion

    Yes he is.
  6. World Finals XV Discussion

    Well then.
  7. Monster Truck Video Thread

    Yeah I remember that but I hadn't seen it in a while and didn't remember exactly what happened. I guess it just depends on personal opinion and I'm not the one writing the questions.
  8. Monster Truck Video Thread

    Cam McQueen had the first backflip in competition last time I checked.
  9. World Finals XV Discussion

  10. World Finals XV Discussion

    And then Dan Evans and Mike Vaters come out for simultaneous reverse moves.
  11. World Finals XV Discussion

    Screenshot? The game doesn't work on my iPod.