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  1. Show Your Project Chapter 61

    agreed its not too hard to modify the bodies well certain ones are easier than others at the moment ive been hard at work reworking the armed forces 5 ram rebel body
  2. getting tracks in game

    nks1996 #9419
  3. getting tracks in game

    would someone be able to help me get a track or two in game so i can learn how to and start getting my stuff done ive got a lot of tracks nearly done and i really want to get them in game
  4. Show Your Project Chapter 61

    yes this is awesome ive always winted nitro fish in ror hope to someday see the old iceman truck as well
  5. getting tracks in game

    whats your discord number ill get a hold of you later today
  6. Anaheim 2018 stadium tour 2 show 1

    ive got it almost done
  7. [TRACK] St. Louis 2017

    ive got a track i might make it
  8. Show Your Project Chapter 61

    i dont see why not its honestly not that hard
  9. Show Your Project Chapter 61

    dang thats one sick whip good luck bro
  10. Show Your Project Chapter 61

    id say the cab is looking good for being free handed so far now this was kinda a side project i was messing with when i was tossing around the idea of a monster truck throwdown tour but that has since been abandoned ill still finish this and a few projects mainly an extremely large project centered around the current team im working for so be on the look out for that sometime in 2018 UPDATE: just finished the hood and i feel it looks really good as of right now oh theres also these ive had in the wings and just now decided to show off loader idea all to @xNITROxBUNNYx truck is all his design i just translated to design to blender another truck from the throwdown tour idea was crude behavior still work to be done here for old @Chazzymp another one to add to the jester pack (still in the works) and this one has had me excited for a while as do quite a few other designs from this awesome concept artist its michael arndt's optimus prime (sofar) thats all for now
  11. Show Your Project Chapter 61

    *cough* *cough* PART 1
  12. Houston 2017 October Show

  13. Jester 2017 Pack

    all we need now is the wf18 body
  14. Show Your Project Chapter 61

    honestly the stockhold and jammer are too tall they really should be shorter
  15. Stafford2017.4

    that track is still overscaled to me
  16. Show Your Project Chapter 61

    all its missing for an acurate 2018 version is the holes in the grill i could possibly make them
  17. Show Your Project Chapter 61

    is that a new dodge body model or an old one?
  18. Summer Throwdown Series Season 1!

    interseting might compete in this
  19. Rigs of Rods Monster Truck Challenge Season 1 Sign - ups

    name-Nathan Smith discord- nks1996- #9419 80's and 90's truck- executioner - http://www.mediafire.com/file/3sjd7shfuliy3d7/Excaliber%2BExecutioner.zip
  20. Show Your Project Chapter 61

    im already working hard on the track
  21. Show Your Project Chapter 61

    so for a while ive been working on a custom arena and got the model done tonight now i just need to texture it
  22. Pontiac 2018.4

    the track was indeed made by me chris b just helped put it in
  23. Pontiac 2018

    Version 1.0.0


    A track that ive had in the works for a while mostly a mid 2000's based track credits @Chris 🅱️ - exporting, track paint, fs part 2 modifications me- track idea/lay out, track builder turning poles and banners on racing @RockCrwlr -cars,vans busses @Edy- stadium model @maxdman- box van
  24. Show Your Project Chapter 61

    so ive had this under wraps for a while but wanted to post something so here it isEver since my good friend Josh Gibson left team Bigfoot i wanted to do one of the trucks he drove so after i saw @rockgod88 had an updated retrofoot body i decided to make hey truck i saw Gibson compete in for the first time so heres my 2015 40th anniversary retrofoot as it stands so far hope to get this project further along soon feedback is appreciated
  25. Show Your Project Chapter 61

    man those grill cutouts i made really make that truck pop